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YouTube -  The Funky Farmer

As part of farm life i regularly upload videos to my YouTube channel 'The Funky Farmer'. These videos show farming from the farmers point of view and give you a hands on experience of life on a small family farm which you rarely get to see.

The videos have proved more popular than i expected and i now have over 130,000 subscribers and over 40 million views.

Some of the videos have been used by organisations and companies such as the Open University & Channel 4 television, whilst the sound track from one video was used on BBC Radio 4 for Stephen Frys 'Frys English Delight'. 

One of my cow videos was also used at the Hay literary Festival to promote the childrens book 'Cowgirl' by Giancarlo Gemin.


By clicking the green buttons below you can see some examples of the videos i have made or you can click on the BIG YouTube button to visit my YouTube channel - The Funky Farmer where you can access over 1000 videos.

Click the YouTube button above to

visit my channel - The Funky Farmer

New born calf standing for the first time
Silage making
     Happy cows going out to grass
Pulling a calf out of a cow
Gorgeous Oxford Sandy & Black piglets
Ploughing the maize field
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