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Welcome to Rich Cornock's website. Hopefully by the time you get here you already know a bit about me and what I do. However, for those who don't please allow me to enlighten you. I am a dairy farmer from Tytherington in South Gloucestershire, England. With the help of my brother Tom we manage 145 acres of beautiful English countryside as well as trying to make a living milking a herd of 80 British Friesian cows. The farm is run with great consideration taken to wildlife conservation and we are in a national scheme called Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) which helps provide funding for projects such as replanting a traditional orchard and restoring field ponds. As well as farming I have also had a book published called "A Year on a Dairy Farm" which features over 200 colour photographs showing life on the farm through the seasons. (Available to buy here) I have also been a contributor to Smallholder magazine and a columnist in the NFU magazine 'The British Farmer and Grower'.

Radio listeners in the South West may also know me as the resident farmer on BBC Radio Bristol where I had a regular feature for 2 years talking about life on the farm on the Ben Prater Drive Time show and telling Ben to 'Get off my Laaand!' Shoppers at Tesco may also recognise me as the past face of Tesco Local Choice milk which saw a life sized cardboard cutout of me with a bottle of milk placed in 100 Tesco stores around the country. Oh and i'm also on YouTube as The Funky Farmer

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