New House Farm is a small dairy farm of 140 acres in Tytherington, Gloucestershire. It is run by Bill, Richard and Tom Cornock, and has been in the Cornock family since the 1840s. In a beautiful and diverse collection of photographs, A Year on a Dairy Farm captures the day to day workings of a family-run farm in the south Gloucestershire countryside. Tree planting, hedge laying, ploughing fields, planting maize, making hay, calving cows, picking fruit: these are all activities which make up the farming year, set against the striking changing landscape of the region. As well as depicting the various activities which make up farming life, A Year on a Dairy Farm introduces the characters that make it happen, and the animals, farm, domestic and wild, which are the lifeblood of the farm. Originally intended as a very personal book for immediate family only, A Year on a Farm is a perfect record of what makes a dairy farm tick at all times of the year and in all weathers.

A Year on a Dairy Farm.


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